Creating a space for Creativity

A little bit of daily magic.

Parsley, Frankincense, and Cumin for creativity, remove blocking, protection and good adventures!!

I normally incorporate mystic’s and magic into my day to day. Today I wanted to focus my intentions on creativity, prosperity and removing blockages. My recent focus has shifted more on exploring the spiritual realms, sharing with others while also trying to survive in this 3D life monetarily. So I wanted to really set my space up to allow creativity to flow.

After a quick research, I looked up some good herbs to burn for the intentions I had. Most of the herbs needed for spells, rituals, incense, etc. are easily accessible. The following herbs that I already had:

Just some of my herbs. Myrrh, Frankincense And Cardamon

Herbs used in today’s ritual

  • Parsley- calms, purifies, protects
  • Frankincense- protects, purifies and aids in meditation
  • Cloves- dispel negativity, purity spaces, attract money, stop gossip
  • Cumin- used to ward against theft, mixed with incense to protect homes/items and bless spaces and used for love

I must say that the power of intention along with some elements from the earth are amazing!!! I was able to “create” this post with much ease and am excited for the creativity soon to come!!

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